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Indian Trail (a poem)


Indian Trail

The dry grasses in the field
are bowing their tall heads
in the wind, all pointing east
as if that were the direction
some secret has taken off in,
and I, with my sun-faded
black shoes have no hope
in Heaven of ever
catching up.

(… the title is taken from the name of a town I lived in when I first moved to North Carolina….)

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"You have
the ability to forgive,
to release the hands
choking you from hate
let go…"
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Things you Wait For


Hearing the steadiness of rain
I wait for sleep in the night,
like a patient lover
who waits for your whispers of need

It’s the slow continuous beat
that pounds against the glass
like the steady beat of your heart
pressed firm against my breasts

I wait for the rain
I wait for your storm
I wait for things
that are worth waiting for

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His heart was good
his heart was kind
yet answers here
were hard to find
he ate a bullet
now he’s where?
I only hope he found
his answers there

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The Deathly Hallows #1


Through the whispering hallows
of the spiny black trees
you could hear the cackled laughter
from the witches, all three

they stirred the cauldron steady
brewing up a spell
to get the children ready
they tainted every well

their broomsticks were laced
potions tasted like Jell-O
thirty days in the making
for the eve of the hallows

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i dream of energized pixels


nocturnal figures
other centuries
quiver in my sleep

needing warmth
from the “I” pronoun
i became in daylight


on the edge of
a sullen abyss

looking sideways
connecting the ends
of this blessed earth

i sleep
to change
my realities
into frontiers

where hurtling dreams
are watched by ghosts

empty roads stretching
from here to the inside

of my
furrowed flesh
with fecund arteries
clogged with psychedelics

with secret

i dance with
strange birds
shaking out the
spirits through the
pores of my skin where
layers of pixels twist-torque
these ancient chakra energies

into my
silence …
out of sync
with pools of light
swallowed by monks
in moon-like meditations …

i dream of dark mysteries
seeking pearls and a magic heron
unwinding my illusions … falling into

the sky
lit by lanterns
carried by ghosts back
to the center where i dream
of my vague mysterious existence.

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Good Morning Friends


When you have to get up
and drag your ass to work
simple pleasures
like hot coffee
and friends
make doing what you do
all worth it….

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Fear me not, my friend
For the night is mild,
And our quest
Is based on constellations.

Balance hangs in duality;
We are fakirs,
Knocking door to door
Till someone fills our vessel;

Though not in flesh,
You are still omnipresent;
In cinnamon and sandalwood,
Grazing my skin like blade;

Breaking bread someplace
On a different latitude;
Step out of this plaintive maya
Let’s get lost alfresco.

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Rise as paper sharpens as the tongue,
Stabs like ink resting within the air.
Break me as I am, stir my soul as the sea,
Heavy I am not, for the weight like bruising pain.
Hushed as a scream, soft as sweet love,
I thought I saw the answers, crossing the page as I wrote you off in a poor attempt of poetry.

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Lanky mussed / no ideation and collage dimly

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