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Kissing Booth


Do I possess
undaunted courage
as I tremble
with lips
to kiss
the sheltered mouths
of charity
all lined up
with one dollar
all lined up
in a row?

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Teasing Fate


it’s moments like this
where you walk into my mind
with your sweet words
and dirty thoughts
causing a lip to be bitten
as I crave you
until we both can reach
for the others body
and just the warmth
wraps us up close
because you craved me too
and the embrace just fills the hole
that we’ve both created
with our communication
and unspoken words
always hinting at more

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"And maybe when the stars
Are falling to the earth
And the end is near
I hope you’ll see
I was
And always will be
The angel by
Your side."
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If your eyes are blind to art, then you will never know the power of self expression. The beauty of self-determination. The utter pull of self-sacrifice and irreversible effects of self-medication.

If your eyes are blind to art, then you will never solve your formulae and never know your soul-mate.

If your eyes are blind to art, life is nothing but life.

If your eyes comprehend art,
Life is a beautiful maze
Architecture is nature
Business is a fine dance
And even math
Even math is a beautiful
Curve that arches cross
Your lover’s back.

What Art is to an Artist, and how they cope with the demands of superficial society (via k-in-krisis)
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Mother taught me


Mother taught me to be graceful,
To live as though the winds were golden dusts whisking about me,
As though my heart were seasoned with Spring months;
Meticulously moulded
by the past
And a Hand of Love.

She taught me to be faithful-
To myself-
Appreciate all beauty and
Hold on to my heart
As though it might break,
Cherish my soul and my mind and body,
Nourish them with utmost care,
With foods of green made of love,
With the water that falls as raindrops from above.

She taught me to love
with all my spirit
As though the spirit
Were God itself,
As if with time it gained
Devotional, divine wealth
And all pain would be redeemed
After all that was earthly dealt.

She said that with all that,
With pure love,
I would find
the source of myself
And with all that she taught me
I now know and feel that
I’ve live in Grace’s veld.


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When all I can do
is no longer enough

When all I can write
is a repeat of words

When I stop trying
give up and cease

Is when the last words spoken are
rest in peace…

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God Hides


God hides behind the sun
Our eyes blazing and burnt as we look through
Blinded in our search
As his will to blind the faithful
Was to guard them from the everlasting blackness
Of Grace
The death hidden behind Helios
The blinding light of faith
God Himself

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I wish I was the type of poet
who wrote about the beauty of life
like when the sun slips between my eyelids,
introducing a new dawn, or
when corollas gradually unfurl
for the day like sinners on their knees
opening to God. But I’m not.
I’m too broken right now
and my shards are too sharp
to put back together.
And I’m too numb right now
to allow the rays to seep through me
and fill my heart with the light.
You were suppose enhance my life.
Not lock it up in an unlit casket
and tell me to hold on to hope a little longer
while my colors run dry and die
and yours remain arched over heaven.

I suppose I have no one to blame,
but this unyielding obsession
to be wanted,
to be loved,
to be a part of your world
because mine seemed so insignificant.
I miss being like the wild burning sun
that climbs the wall of night
or that peels petals until flowers bloom.
Don’t think you can continue to keep me
locked away forever, though,
because forever will quickly show you
how dark these days can really be.
Careful how you treat a writer;
they’ll immortalize you like no other artist.

m.d. rayHope Feels Irrational in the Dark (via lamatriz)

(via lamatriz)

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