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Inner Child By Cristhian Polanco


I followed Lucy in the sky and now I’m lost in inner space.

A lot of questions in my mind and now we just began the search

Misunderstood, bemused, forgotten. I want to know what happened then

Going deeper in the dark, went to the most ambiguous place

I saw a little child crying, he looked mournful in despair

With his eyes full of hatred, he said how come we never play.

I told him, I’ve been busy, but it won’t happen again.

So I grabbed his little hand and with him I flew away

This is another poem by my friend Cristhian.  :)

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She (Incandescent Amber) →


Her brown hair,
Warm and flowing
I can almost taste it.
She smells of freshly baked
cinnamon buns.
She is cashmere
I long to
Embrace her ,
My hands long to
Touch her angelic face
And kiss her lips
So full of grace.
I imagine this sunny flower
Turning into meet my warmth,
The sun…

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When I am dead

And it is said

I had great potential

But never achieved it—

No, he never even tried—

Tell the bereaved

That’s inconsequential:

I died satisfied.


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the semaphore of our
distant Gods: flags raised
in warning— they say:

this plotline
will turn to noose if
twisted too fast (do not
try so hard) !

beware— they say:
to follow one’s own tail
is a hound’s mistake / you must not

forget to learn
how to bark louder than
your father while

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flung back by the ocean


shattered glass welcomes
thoughtful fingers browsing

the dreary edges of night’s sky
callused soles scratched and

what did you expect from the tide
did you hope that it would stay by your side

that the moon wouldn’t want it back
that the ocean wouldn’t fall through every crack

in your sore hands wearing tired
butterflies flutter wings, wounds desired

salt water sand replaces your core
and now you’re back at my door

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Death of a Rat


Skittish, our little friend, scurrying in and out of alleyways, pupils dilating upon the discovery of delectable morsels, a chicken leg, a discarded hamburger, a human finger. Sadly, laced with poison, as the landlord has grown wise to his presence. Survival, a trick? Merely to live is not a crime, the quadruped ruminates as his pulse grows weaker. Then there is the matter of the fleas. Will they perish too?

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My Best


You’re no longer the lucky one
I’m no longer the luck.
Do you remember the cobwebs
That we found in that clock
Attic dreaming
You seemed so far away
Time felt like miles between us
Even then

She is now the lucky one
And you are now her luck.
I’m in a best man’s tuxedo
Remembering clocks
Reception dreams
You seemed so far away
The distance is wider between us
Especially today

I don’t want anyone to see behind my eyes
But I don’t know how long
I could hold this smile
I can’t do wrong
So I’ll pretend in style
After this night, my thoughts would be faraway
The distance between us will stretch longer
Starting this day

So I guess I’ll sit in the darkness
And drink my wine
Where I can smell the roses
And dream for a while
That it’s me you’re dancing with
A hand-held design
But she’s wearing your ring
And this is goodbye.

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Sharpened snakes with quick slit tongues,
Dreams do not damage until daylight comes.
The night holds the air, holds bones, clenches lies.
He who is first shall be the last who tries.
Edges echo the epiphanies as ecstasy eats.
She who is last shall fall by deceits.
If indigo involved idolatry and illiterate eyes,
Then rainbows will run rousing rivers that rise.

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