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in verse we sang as birds
building nests to cradled thoughts
caressing the others words

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the old brick

as night

in the cracks


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blow by breeze and we are not alone in this. charged up hearts and open ears, there’s never going to be anything to soak up that prosperity. believe in the days that pass when nothing was ever supposed to go wrong. we are not strong enough to take this, but we will take it, tearing holes into the stereotypes biting at ankles and toes, causing phantom pains in the emotions that were never really there.

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"Uncage me. Hidden underneath my flesh are dreams disguised as bones."
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if scars best
convey the story,
i read a novel every time
i see the sadness in
your eyes

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hover, hover softly little hands
this sea is broken-open-sealed-shut
with each and every breath it takes.

My heart stutters as the canoe tilts again.
Mumma take my hand!
She barely hears my voice.

Words floating overhead
barely touching,
swift columns of air separating.
She is a pinprick on the shore.

I swing my paddle
moving farther out,
further away.
The sun is melting, the sky is orange,
losing its fire.
Fireflies are crouching
beneath finger-like leaves
their bright dance flashing across my eyes.

The silence here is supposed to wake me,
that’s what I was told.
The woods are here to balm the resurrected cold within me.
I cannot help but feel more alone,
my silence is only beautiful in theory.

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they say the eyes do all the talking

spark-plug freckles fly
around the holy rims of dual sapphires
that equate heroines in operas
with the blue Consuelas.

sugar crystals knuckle cavities
trying to plunge into the depth
of those candy-crushed dimples,
to weigh the carat of a smile.

blinking, and then opening to arrive at the swords
of a Maybelline ambush:
the fanning of the dark cabling,
the feature of our discord.

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Collision, Head On


I want in
I want out
in reference
to lips
I want around

I want over
and under
I want
I want

I want the
her legs can
teach me

I want her
head on
into pieces

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He held her just under the surface, the sunlight still warm on her scalp, the tip of his foot pressing down just above her forehead.  Her body a flailing dance, her arms a thrashing language…and all she needed was that hand to pull her, instead he kept his arms for himself and his foot pressing firmer and firmer still on her head.  She was a fighter, but she also knew when to release…so she ended the pain with a hypnotic trick of breathing that quietly drowned her…her last vision that of sunlight engulfing his murderous figure.

Submerged and embraced by the murky bottom, her pale body slowly shifted back to a womb curl.  Days and nights rolled with tides, her body calcifying, her hair mimicking anemone hiding for aquatic life.  Under an overcast sky ablaze with heat lightning, a dark hand crawled from beneath the waterbed, gliding over and under her body…pausing from time to time and then continuing the cycle.  It was there though, the persistence of that dark hand, a soft pulse was found…near death, the peace of sleep.  It broke into her chest the same way it came through the murky bottom, taking her heart into its palm, fingers massaging, blood pumping, and then ripping it from her cavity and placing it to her mouth, forcing strength and resilience down her throat in each drop of blood squeezed from her pumping heart.  Placing it back into its rightful spot, the dark hand cauterized the wound before raising her to the surface, lungs re-imagining their function until she broke the surface….screaming with such pain, anger and fear, betrayal and frustration, the lightning bolts exploded….shattered glass littering the sky….tree roots and branches shifting and contorting….birds flew backwards….and then silence…

…an enveloping silence of a stark white field blanketed in snow, flurries descending in percussion, her black draped body kneeling, her hands holding her face as she wept…openly wept to the symphony of crocus breaking the frozen earth and blooming through the biting cold…       

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